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A beautiful and well-developed school ground



Well-trained staff who are knowledgeable in their own particular subject fields.  Our staff

are often approached to give their input in various subject areas.



We care about our pupils.  Each pupil’s personal happiness is of utmost importance.



Outstanding Grade 1 teachers who will ensure that your child builds his/her future on a

solid foundation.



Our school has an excellent system of discipline, which works exceedingly well. 

Much attention is given to create a peaceful and safe school atmosphere, wherein each

pupil’s potential can be fully developed.


A dynamic Governing Body who has the interest of the community and of each child at heart.



Laerskool Glenharvie is very active with regard to culture.  We regularly participate

 in art festivals, where our pupils obtain excellent results.   Many merit awards have

gone to individual pupils for their performances during the yearly art festivals, like the Carletonville

Art Festival, and the Eisteddfod, where our pupils obtained numerous merits, as well as gold

and silver certificates.



Technokids: Laerskool Glenharvie has developed a computer and technology literacy program.

 This program is developed to help our learners in becoming computer and technology literate.


The “Psst Glennies Psst” is our own school newspaper.


The following sport disciplines are offered:  Athletics, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Soccer,

Mini-Cricket, Mini-rugby, Mini-netball, Chess, Cricket and Cross Country.  Our school has very

capable coaches and boasts a great number of pupils who were chosen for Circle and West Rand teams.


Much attention and time is spent on leadership development.  Many of our pupils have

 been chosen as prefects in various High Schools.  We have a system of Councils where

 pupils have the opportunity for Leadership Development.


We try to send our Grade 6 pupils on a Veld school every year.


Our school boasts a unique Honorary Citizenship system.  Pupils who cope with certain laid

down criteria and pass a general school exam, can apply for Honorary Citizenship.

Honorary Citizens are permitted to independently and without supervision, make use of

the computers and media centre.


Other activities which are offered, include:  Karate and Play ball.


Our Christian group, Feet for Christ, contributes greatly towards the spiritual development of our pupils.


Opportunities for parental involvement:  We have Grade committees.  Reading moms help our

 Learners  with reading. The mothers also run our Soup Kitchen.

Laerskool Glenharvie Combined

Die skool van kampioene   The school of champions

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